First of all as you already know We are indegenius tribes living on North Sentinel Island and we have different rules and customs here. But The agreement is useful to 123movies to set the rules and guidelines for visitors, users and customers for outside world which we have never seen so far:

> You must be at least 13 years old to use 123movies

> You are solely responsible for protecting your own account password and other account information.

> While using 123movies, you are 100% aware that we do not host anything on it's server and we are not the content owners. We respect the rights of the content owners. We just provide links to contents uploaded by third party outside sober world users. We do not know who uploaded what. We just find the content links from the Master Google and upload it on here.

> Registration: Users must agree to a set of rules when they register on your website or mobile app

> Disable or terminate accounts: Users that their accounts can be disabled or terminated if abuses happen on 123movies website, e.g. spamming, swearing, child abuse, terrorist activities etc. We strictly prohibit that on 123movies. Do not use this site if you intent to do that, NEVER!. We request users to comply with local laws while visiting our site. We are not responsible in anyway for users behaviour as we do not collect any information from users and store on server and we do not have control over users activities. If you find any user violates law or terms of use, please report us immediatly. We will terminate their accounts.

> Owner of content: We notify users that please report us as soon as possible if you find your content appearing on website violates your privacy.

> Changes to the agreement: We reserve the right to change the content of agreement anytime without users permission we wish as we are tribes you know.

> DMCA: 123movies is also informing owners of copyright content that they can submit a DMCA notice to the website if they found infringing content in their DMCA clause. We have dedicated dmca email ID and page to file DMCA and we are fully compliant.

> Do not use 123movies if you do not agree to the Terms of Use. Thank You Dear Sirs/Madams and love to your kids!